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Most of my videos are uploaded on YouTube. Subscribe by clicking the button to the right.

Game Audio Talk

Game Audio talk is a series I do where I walk through small sections of a game and talk about how sound has an impact on the way the game plays out. Hop over to my YouTube to see more.

Featured Cinematics

Here is a few examples of cinematics I have made for various games.

Featured Talks

I have done talks in various countries promoting game audio and gamefication

Featured Re-Designs

In my opinion, re-designs are an awesome way to test for jobs. Similarly, I did a lot of re-designs early in my career to build a portfolio.

Selected Game Audio Talks & Tutorials


Below are different series I’ve made over the past few years. They cover anything from sound design, scripting all the way to career advice in making it to AAA

99 Ways to Footsteps


Unity Audio Scripting

Sound Design Something

Road to AAA

Game Audio Talk

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