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Cujo Sound Bio

This Is Me.

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I gained an interest in sound when I was a child.
In the mid 90’s, as a teen, I started by producing electronic music. This evolved into numerous releases and tours as a DJ and live performer.

For many years this was my way of life but my interest in the interactive and rock solid production of individual sounds as well as the sound composition of all kinds of media kept growing inside me.

Over time, as I gained experience, I started working on more complex creations, grabbing every possible job I felt would help me dive deeper and learn. Field recording, recording for TV and film, audio post production for short films, apps… Basically any kind of interactive art and media project that was available and seemed interesting.

Below you can check out some of the references I have and some additional personal information.


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Cyberpunk 2077 (Video Game – Sound Design)
HITMAN (Video Game – Sound Design)
EVE Online (Video Game – Sound Design)
EVE : Valkyrie (Video Game – Sound Design)
DARQ (Video Game – Sound Design)
World of Darkness (Video Game – Sound Design)
Unity Lab Demo (Video Game – Sound Design)
Dust 514 (Video Game – Sound Design)
Penny Girl (Video Game – Sound Design)
Global Conflict – Afghanistan (Video Game – Sound Design)
Wavis Verden (Video Game – Sound Design)
Christmas Tower Defense (Video Game – Sound Design)
A Mother’s Inferno (Video Game – Sound Design)
RaaSool (Video Game – Sound Design)
Ung For Evigt (Short Film – Recording & Sound Design)
Karate Nights (Short Film – Recording)
Den Sidste Pige (Short Film – Sound Design)
Karim (Short Film – Recording & Sound Design)
Lars & Peter (Short Film – Recording)

And More…

Sound Designer

2017 – Present: Senior Sound Designer @ CD PROJEKT RED

2017 – Present: Sound Designer @ Unfold Games

2014 – 2017: Sound Designer @ IO Interactive

2014 – 2015: Sound Designer @ Unity Technologies

2012 – 2014: Sound Designer @ CCP Games

2010 – 2012: Sound Designer @ Serious Games Interactive

2011 – 2012: Sound Designer @ Apex Virtual Entertainment

2006 – 2012: Content provider @ Apollo Music

2001 – 2003: A&R @ Leviathan Records

1995 – 2012: Producer and composer @ Cujorius One


MSc. IT. Audio Design,
Aarhus University. Denmark

Ba. Electronic Music Composition,
Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. Denmark.

Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music (DIEM)

DADIU. Danish Academy
of Digital and Interactive Entertainment


According to Briggs Myers I am personality type ENTP-T, Leaning towards ESFP
Or an Enneagram type 6 w7 w3.