Project Description

Bjørn Jacobsen

Cujo Sound

Game Audio Talk

Here we discuss video games and their use of Sound, Level and Game Design.
Using sound as a tool to connect with your player? Let’s decipher how some games do so and how it has a great effect on immersion, gameplay AND metacritic score.

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A Way Out

Game Audio Talk about Hazelight Studios game:
A Way Out.
Interesting analysis because the games unique cinematic feel and split screen co-op game play.

Welcome To The Game 2

Game Audio Talk about Reflect Studios game:
Welcome To The Game 2.
Fantastic indie horror hacking puzzle game with lots of interesting use of audio and fantastic game design.

L.A. Noire

Game Audio Talk about Rockstar’s:
L.A. Noire

A perfect example of using sound design as an informant in almost every aspect of the gameplay.


Game Audio Talk about DADIU Production:

Short Point and Click Platform Puzzler – Trying hard to have an aesthetic soundscape.

A Mothers Inferno

Game Audio Talk about DADIU Production:
A Mothers Inferno.

Short FPS Horror game – student production with some interesting use of audio to push the narrative.